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Strata-X Energy is aware of a sophisticated phishing scam involving the identities of its Corporate name, Directors and Officers, mainly Director Greg Hancock. If you have received unsolicited contact from any director or officer of Strata-X, and you have no previous contact with them, cease communications. Be aware that this phishing scam is using an email domain similar to but not ‘’. If you want to contact Strata-X, please submit a request on the 'Contact Us' page.

Welcome to Strata-X Energy

Strata-X Energy Ltd. (TSX.V:SXE)(ASX:SXA) is an independent natural gas focused exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and also the TSX-Venture Exchange. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Strata-X Energy has a portfolio of natural gas projects, with a focus on its Serowe CBM Project and Project Venus, both projects targeting methane gas from coal beds (CBM). These projects provide diversification of high growth exploration opportunities for its shareholders.

Strata-X Energy's 1,129,000 acre Serowe CBM Project is located in the Republic of Botswana, where it explores a potential multi-TCF coal seam gas resource along-side its farm-out partner, privately owned Australia based Botsgas Limited ('Botsgas'). Strata-X opted to farm-out its previously 100% owned project to Botsgas to realize its shareholder value in the project. The initial focus of the Botsgas farmin appraisal program will be to production-test direct offset areas within the Company identified high-graded area, where a historically cored well was drilled in 2003 by the Government of Botswana and intersected about 8 metres of bright coals with gas saturations up to 100%. The Serowe CBM Project covers a 6.08 Tcf Prospective Resource tenement position and directly adjoins projects approved for commercial CBM development. The Serowe CBM Project will be the growth driver for the Company in 2020 and beyond, as Botsgas executes on a staged exploration plan to delineate and prove-up the CBM resource.

Project Venus is located within the main Walloon CSG fairway in the Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia. It is immediately adjacent to gas infrastructure and is prospective for CSG over its complete area of 153km2. There are several previously drilled CSG and conventional wells located within and around the acreage that confirm this, including a fully cored well within PLR2019-1-11 which had coal seams with gas contents of up to 13 cubic metres per tonne. Real and Strata-X will be forming a 50:50 joint venture for Project Venus where Real will be the administrative and commercial operator while Strata-X, at least for the initial phase to predictable reserves certification, will be the technical operator.

The company’s management has a proven track record of building substantial shareholder value from grass roots projects. The Executive Chairman of the Company, Vancouver born and educated, Ron Prefontaine, was an executive director of two ASX listed start up companies which have recently been taken over for in excess of A$3.5 billion and A$550 million respectively. The company’s mission is to create substantial growth for its shareholders by finding and developing high reward opportunities that have relatively low entry costs, acquiring meaningful acreage positions in those opportunities, owning a large working interest and retaining operations when it is meaningful to do so.