Environmental Statement

At Strata-X Energy our vision and goal is to be a leader in safe and environmentally sound operations. Strata-X Energy recognizes that virtually all aspects of our operations involve the use of surface land. Whether it's private or government-owned land, we work with our neighbors and stakeholders to minimize surface disturbance through effective planning and responsible development. To that end, we set high expectations in creating personal ownership and establishing strict accountability for the company�s operations. We challenge existing ideas and best management practices, continuously reaching for higher levels of performance and environmental stewardship.

Strata-X Energy Ltd., its management and employees are acutely aware of the sometimes sensitive ecological nature of the environment in which it operates. A great deal of speculation has been cast on the procedures known as �fracking� - a commonly applied method used to enhance petroleum production and has been performed safely around the world for over 50 years. Some have claimed fracking can contaminate groundwater which Strata-X Energy believes could be a risk for poorly monitored and executed fracs. Since the Company does intend to use these fracking practices on some of its projects and view these practices as essential for successful oil and gas development in many of its projects, the Company will use best practices to help mitigate any impact on the environment.

Additionally, the Company will take steps to communicate with landowners and any other stakeholders on the practices used and plan to monitor any nearby domestic water sources. While the Company feels the risk is low for contamination, monitoring nearby wells may provide an early warning should an unlikely contamination occur, and steps can immediately be taken to mitigate the problem.