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Kalahari Basin:
Serowe CSG Project

Eagle Oil Project- California, USA

Strata-X Energy has a 23.9% working interest and is the operator in about 4,720 gross acres, 770 net acres to Strata-X Energy, in the area of the discovered but undeveloped Eagle Oil Field in California, where one proved undeveloped location has been identified to begin development of this oil pool.

In this area, one well was drilled and abandoned by Exxon in 1985. Royal Resources took over the well in 1986 and deepened it, encountering good oil shows in the Eocene Age Gatchell sands at an approximate depth of 13,200 feet. Test rates of up to 192 BBL/d and 427 mcf/d were reported. About 10,000 BBL of light oil was recovered but the well was considered to be non-commercial likely due to formation damage by heavy drilling mud and cement squeezing. Subsequent activity on the prospect was met with mechanical issues despite continuing indications of oil shows in the primary target. The Gatchell sands have produced over 1 billion barrels of oil in the Coalinga area approximately 20 miles west and north-west of the Eagle Property.


Cautionary Statement: There is no certainty that any portion of the resources will be discovered. If discovered, there is no certainty that it will be commercially viable to produce any portion of the resources