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Illinois Basin Project - Overview

The Illinois Basin has historical production of 4 billion barrels of oil and existing infrastructure including oil and gas pipelines with available capacity. Strata-X holds approximately 25,000 net acres in the Illinois Basin which sit on top of and adjacent to several giant oil fields. These oil fields have produced more than 1.5 billion barrels of oil from the same reservoirs Strata-X is targeting.(2) Most of this oil was produced when oil prices were less than $2 per barrel so economical oil flow thresholds were much higher. The chart below shows that more than 80% of the oil in the Illinois Basin was produced long before oil prices began their rise over $2 per barrel in 1972 (1). Most of Illinois’ oil was produced without the benefit of modern drilling and completion techniques. These techniques increase the extent to which reservoirs can now be commercially developed.
In December 2014, the Company drilled the Blue Spruce # 1, its first well in a multi-well drilling program in the Illinois Basin. The well, which reached a total depth of 3,280 feet, encountered multiple oil and gas shows in the targeted shallow Mississippian formations. The Company elected to case the well with 5.5-inch casing before releasing the drilling rig.  
In January 2015, the Company mobilized completion equipment to the location of the Blue Spruce #1 to test the productivity of the well. After successfully testing two oil zones in the Blue Spruce #1 well on the Illinois Shallow Oil Project, the well was set up for production in the Aux Vases formation. Blue Spruce #1 was placed on production until April 2015 when it was determined its production would cease until additional facilities were installed to maintain pressure in the field via waterflooding.

  • In a report dated 30 June 2017, Strata-X’s independent engineer, Chapman Petroleum Engineering Ltd (Chapman), confirmed Proved plus Probable Reserves are 1.282 million barrels of light oil net to the Company on the Blue Spruce project. Strata-X currently has the rights to 720 net acres of the Blue Spruce project where it has identified 19 oil development locations. Chapman calculated a before tax Net Present Value (BTNPV disc 10%) of the Blue Spruce project to the Company of USD$39.5 million (unrisked). (1)
  • To increase oil recovery and oil flow rates, the Blue Spruce project will require water pressure maintenance involving waterflooding of the Aux Vases formation. It is estimated that the waterflood development will extract approximately 40% of the Petroleum Initially In Place (“PIIP" unrisked) resulting in a projected recovery of 1.282 million barrels of oil net to Strata-X. Chapman estimates that once all wells are drilled, total oil production from the Blue Spruce waterflood development project will exceed 500 barrels of oil per day net to the Company. (2) 

Past water flooding projects in the Aux Vases formation in areas immediately adjacent to the Company’s Blue Spruce Project have been successful. Previous yielded recoveries have been in excess of the forecasted 40% rate for Blue Spruce.(2) Following waterflooding, tertiary recovery methods may also be considered by the Company which could further increase the recovery of the PIIP and oil reserves from the Blue Spruce oil field.

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(2)  I.H.S Production data, Enerdeq,, assessed 10/1/2014. 

Cautionary Statement: There is no certainty that any portion of the resources will be discovered. If discovered, there is no certainty that it will be commercially viable to produce any portion of the resources